VERITY VIEW - Team Performance Improvement

VerityView™ provides a fast, cost efficient approach to productivity and performance improvement in any process, department or opportunity in your organization.

Current performance improvement tools and productivity solutions fail to make the link between your changing work activities, individuals and teams. Traditional methods can be slow, expensive and lack a pragmatic way for management to apply results or predict problems before they occur. Verity View combines capability, work style and activity cost analytics that allow you to implement measurable improvements in productivity, team effectiveness, retention and recruiting.

Developed by professionals* with years of experience applying the leading tools and techniques in performance improvement, technology implementation, process redesign and change management; VerityView™ simply provides a more tangible, repeatable and practical improvement approach with minimal disruption to your operations.

* Received Computerworld’s Reengineering Team of the Year award for the best example of results gained from over 200 independently reviewed reengineering and technology engagements globally.

Identifies time and cost of all activities across any selected groupings. Provides a broad range of staff, team and department productivity opportunities and best practices
Identifies Capability Gaps and Re-Alignment Requirements for Improved Team Performance. Work Styles are automatically linked to Job Roles, Work Cycle and Activities in your Organization.
Aligning Skills, Training and Recruiting for Improved Performance and Retention
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