Additional example of areas to apply VerityView™

VerityView™ provides proprietary, award winning* practices that accelerate your improvement efforts and deliver sustainable performance improvement. The best people, process, practices, and systems provide measurable results and high performing teams. We have listed a few examples for the application of this capability below.
  • Loan Origination & Service Center Performance
  • Call Center Productivity
  • IT Organization Effectiveness
  • Workforce Management Solutions
  • Performance Management & Productivity
  • Organization Convergence
  • Merger Integration
  • Program Management
Performance Profiles Services

Performance Profiles provide an integrated approach to increasing team and technology productivity. Successful companies position the right people with the right customer at the right place and time to deliver technology and team capabilities that provide the highest customer value. That requires precision alignment of the work activities, style, skill, systems and practices. Performance Profiles fine tunes organization effectiveness to meet and exceed your expectations

Loan Origination & Service Center Performance

How are staff spending your time, on high value customer interactions or filing forms? We simplify the complex workflow of mortgage and card processing centers by integrating organizations, processes and systems to reduce the handoffs, delays, rework and administrivia that are draining your productivity.
  • Process simplification and best practices – reduced exceptions & expediting
  • Aligning staff and teams to increase productivity – eliminate handoffs & rework
  • Activity based performance management
  • Integrating technologies to increase system responsiveness
Call Center Productivity

Call centers are beginning the second wave of technology, integration and process development. Now that the technologies have provided the information and access, the endemic problems of staff retention, motivation and productivity are the limiting factors.
  • Performance management and improvement
  • Staff selection, retention and development
  • Management effectiveness
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Data mining and analytics
  • Cross organization coordination and integration
IT Organization Effectiveness

Information Technology departments have grown organically to the size of small companies. They evolve program and performance management systems that were acceptable for small teams, but are now unwieldy and unmanageable. Organizing the work into role-based teams that are focused on the customer and results can quickly increase the effectiveness of the IT department.
  • Program management implementation – projects done faster
  • Activity-based streamlining of process and practices – reducing handoffs & delay
  • Role-based organization and job design – accountability & focus
  • Results focused performance management – realistic measures & controls
  • Management training and development – management effectiveness
Workforce Management Solutions

New workforce automation systems provide integrated tracking and accounting of staff, but often fail to produce bottom line results. Real increases in productivity and sales come from matching staffing to high value activities to meet the customer’s needs. Work force management provides the best practices and metrics that managers need to fine tune the productivity of their team.
  • Work cycle scheduling efficiency
  • Staffing productivity
  • Performance management effectiveness
  • Workforce Automation integration
Performance Management & Productivity

Many managers are overwhelmed by reports, mostly financial, and few have the team or information to translate the insights into action. We focus performance management on results by driving real time information and controls that create accountability. Managers need feedback on the gaps in team activity that hinder productivity – where are we wasting our time?!?
  • Real Accountability – skills, activities and measures
  • Management scorecards – real metrics focused on real goals
  • Activity analysis and process improvement
  • Management toolkit – tools for fine tuning productivity
Organization Convergence

The explosion of technology and software has created a wide range of new capabilities across the organization – Card Systems, ERP, CRM, Internet sites, Web appliances – and none of them seem to talk to each other. New technologies are driving us apart. Convergence focuses on getting more out of new technologies by sharing them across the organization and integrating them for everyone to easily use -- building benefits.
  • Technology Adoption Acceleration – finding benefits faster
  • Information integration and access – getting everyone to talk together
  • Technology ROI – getting more from less
  • Convergence Analysis – identifying like activities for new technologies
Merger Integration

After the merger there’s the mess. How do you identify the best practices and most profitable operations for integration and investment? Our quick performance tools identify the most effective organizations to guide managers in making the functional integration decisions that drive the bottom line. How to combine functions, what process is the best, which staff is the most productive??? We provide managers with answers that make sense and recommendations for getting there faster.
  • Identifying High Performance areas – focus on the value
  • Fast-track Integration – breakthrough the barriers
  • Adoption Acceleration – building staff buy-in
  • Implementation Management – anticipate and eliminate delays
Program Management

Tired of critical new products, services and systems being delivered over budget, over due and under powered? Advanced technology and product complexity, means increased program complexity, yet most companies still use a step-by-step project approach that fails to anticipate the adoption requirements for the customer and staff. The surgery is a success, but the patient dies…time for effective program management.
  • REAL ROI Targeting – key activities, goals and results
  • Advanced Program Management techniques – new ways to get it done
  • Adoption Acceleration – building what the customer wants
  • Balanced Scorecard – measuring what matters
* Received Computerworld’s Reengineering Team of the Year award for the best example of results gained from over 200 independently reviewed reengineering and technology engagements globally
Identifies time and cost of all activities across any selected groupings. Provides a broad range of staff, team and department productivity opportunities and best practices
Identifies Capability Gaps and Re-Alignment Requirements for Improved Team Performance. Work Styles are automatically linked to Job Roles, Work Cycle and Activities in your Organization.
Aligning Skills, Training and Recruiting for Improved Performance and Retention
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