VerityView(tm) is driven by web-based surveys that typically take an individual only 20 minutes to complete and our team assists you to quickly use the system:
  1. We work with you to quickly tailor our industry activity sets to your organization. During this step we help you to configure the survey to reflect any additional needs or unique demographics you may have, and tailor the activities of your target audience.
  2. We help you structure the appropriate introduction and communications. Each selected individual then receives the communications and an e-mail request to complete the survey. During this process we assist you in monitoring the responses and provide support for any questions that may arise. The surveys are automatically complied and result in a number of standard reports.
    (Please see Report Examples)
  3. We analyze and review these reports with you, highlighting key findings from the survey results. During this time we will provide you with recommendations regarding the areas you have targeted for improvement.
  4. The data from this point can be customized in numerous ways for further analysis. Periodic comparisons with earlier surveys or any type of additional surveys may be run and compared at anytime
    (please see Survey Engine)
We also provide additional assistance to you in the development and analysis of reports and surveys as well as any additional training you request. As an additional service, we provide experienced, on-site consulting assistance to you and your organization in support of any improvement initiatives.

Identifies time and cost of all activities across any selected groupings. Provides a broad range of staff, team and department productivity opportunities and best practices
Identifies Capability Gaps and Re-Alignment Requirements for Improved Team Performance. Work Styles are automatically linked to Job Roles, Work Cycle and Activities in your Organization.
Aligning Skills, Training and Recruiting for Improved Performance and Retention
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