After years of our experience* using traditional Re-organization, Change Management and Productivity methodologies and tools, it was clear; a
faster and more effective approach was needed.

Traditional approaches are slow, expensive and fail to make thelink between a companies specific work activities with individual, team and process capabilities.

Gathering detailed actual data throughout the organization, rather than partial or anecdotal generalities is key to making the right decisions, andmeasuring results.

Traditional approaches also fail to identify or measure productivity opportunities,
or provide an ongoing, pragmatic capability for ongoing improvement.

VerityView™ was developed to provide a more tangible, repeatable and practical change alignment and productivity approach, with minimal disruption to your operations.

* Received Computerworld’s Reengineering Team of the Year award for the best example of results gained from over 200 independently reviewed reengineering and technology engagements globally.

Data and Analytics needed for Effective Organizational Change and Ongoing Measurement of Change Results:

Where is time spent today, where are high and low value activities, where
are the redundancies and what does it cost?

Where are the capability gaps in skills, work styles and work activities
needed to support successful change?

Where are the differences in span-of-control, fractionalized employees, and
best practices, and where should you make changes?

What teams, process and departments will work together most effectively,
where are the miss-matches and what supports successful alignment?

Where do you focus your efforts to get the biggest “Bang for the Buck”?

VerityView™ can get this data much faster than traditional methods, and provide your organization with on-going, measurable, improvement capability.
The VerityView™ system quickly collects, analyzes and reports on key alignment
opportunities across the organization:

    Provides a new level of activity, skill, culture and performanceanalysis
Activity and opportunities at the staff and team levels
Staff and management alignment to roles & results
Integrated Analysis and reporting from a range of surveys & datasources

    Web-based survey system that allows easy access and quick collection
Survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
High response rates and accuracy result from allowing improvement feedback,
         and actual individual activities customized to your company
Access from any location
Easy e-mail initiation, communication & tracking

    Easily configurable by your staff to focus on their specific initiatives
A range of surveys and activities that allow easy set-up
Can be used for staff, customers, vendors and outsourced providers
Focus specific to any selected programs, projects, processes or LOB

    Builds master database of Business & IT activities, jobs, departments
Quick selection and customization
Easy to benchmark and compare across areas / companies
Integration of all types of survey results across time and areas

BenefitsVerityView™ accelerates productivity and improvement efforts:

    Accelerates and Integrates with Current Initiatives
Accelerates programs and provides fact-base, ongoing ROI measurement
Predictive Quality Issue capability and alignment improvement focus
Detailed activity, style, skill, team & process analysis
Business Intelligence: builds fact-based management information quickly
    Measurable ROI
Presents options for more effective structural alignment and integration
Focuses management efforts on Highest-Return improvement priorities
Compares like processes, regions, teams and identifies best practices
    Fast & Easy Data Collection
Fast, actionable, and comprehensive results, typically in 6 to 8weeks
Low Disruption while gaining comprehensive information
Accelerates integration analysis and results
    New Capabilities for Ongoing Productivity Improvement
Fact based and measurable ability to improve Quality, ROI and Adoption
Re-usable data, tools and measurement of improvement results
Integration of all types of survey results across time and areas
One source for all internal and external surveys that link to performance

We have seen both direct and indirect, tangible and intangible results in over 16 clients across multiple industries

5% -10% reduction in low value, unnecessary or redundant activities

30% acceleration of core processing and reporting activities

Improved management and departmental communications and role definition

Effective re-prioritization of higher return systems and business initiatives

Improved staffing, integration and retention of human resources

9% increase in customer sales from re-alignment of sales and service activities

More efficient team based processing results and best practice development

Support for improved relationship based organization design

Repeatable tool that allows everyone to participate in ongoing quality improvement
     and measure results

Verity View™ was developed by partners in an Atlanta based consulting firm that focuses on Process Improvement, founded by a group of former Big-5 partners and senior business executives –partners do the work, with limited “leverage.”Our partners have helped over 200 clients plan and deliver their most important business improvement projects --focus on delivering experience and expertise. We transfer our world-class, cross-industry expertise to our client’s to achieve excellence in:
Competitive Strategy and Deployment
Organization Alignment & Operations Improvement,
Financial performance,
Program Management,
Technology Integration and
Workflow Optimization
Tom Fee - has over 25 years of experience in consulting atDeloitte Consulting, Booz Allen & Hamilton and as the managing partner of Verity Partners LLC:
Experience: led the South Strategy & Healthcare practices of Deloitte Consulting, leading 140 staff and South Operations Practice at Booz Allen & Hamilton
Expertise: Strategy and Performance Improvement
Clients:, AHP, Kaiser Permanente, BCBS, Bellsouth, Cerner, Johns Hopkins, Johnson & Johnson, RJ Reynolds, White Consolidated Industries, Ventana Medical, Sprint, Sentara Health System, the State of Florida.
Education: Harvard MBA, University of Georgia degree in Philosophy & Computer Sc

Charles Feyt - has over 25 years of experience in consulting at Structural Concepts, BearingPoint, Deloitte & Accenture
Experience: National and Global Practice Leadership roles with BearingPoint National and Regional Practice Management roles with Deloitte Consulting and Deloitte and Touche, and started his career with Arthur Andersen Consulting (Accenture).
Expertise: Strategy, Change Management, Process and Systems Implementation. He received national recognition from ComputerWorld for the most successful reengineering project, “integrating process and technology for the best results measuredin over 200 projects”.
Clients: AHP, AutoTrader, Texas Instruments, Otis, GMAC, IBM, EDS, NationsBank, Bell South, SunTrust, CheckFree, Capital One, Wachovia, Prudential, ING and many other Fortune 500 companies
Education: University of North Texas, Business Administration and Computer Science

ViewInformation Management Integration – IT management team used Verity VIew to improve project performance, integration and inter-department barriers. Survey tools help identify underlying staffing problems, prioritize projects, communicate goals and reorganize teams to better meet customer work styles.

Management Team Selection – Executive teams using Verity Viewto screen candidates for leadership roles. Screening has reduced search time and increased candidate hit rate to 66%.

Call Center Productivity – Demonstrated Call Center performance improvements. Improved roles between Sales and Customer Service teams and increased sales by 9%

Program Management – Developed program cycle, trained program managers and identifiedkeys to poorly performing teams that improved project execution and timeto delivery.

Sales Force Effectiveness – Realigned the Field Sales force to customers and roles that better fit their personal styles. Improved internal and external relationships and drove sales over $300M.

Supply Chain Improvement – Streamlined roles, activities and reporting in the supply chain from sales to planning, purchasing, operations, distribution and customer service. New supply chain process, roles and systems alignment reduced the time to market, inventories and customer complaints. Overall cost impact of $4M annually in carrying cost and waste.

Operating Room Efficiency – Reorganized OR teams and surgeon relationships that had reducedOR utilization to under 70%. New teams and practices improved staff satisfaction, efficiency and customer relationships. OR performance increased to 85% utilization and revenue jumped 12%.
Identifies time and cost of all activities across any selected groupings. Provides a broad range of staff, team and department productivity opportunities and best practices
Identifies Capability Gaps and Re-Alignment Requirements for Improved Team Performance. Work Styles are automatically linked to Job Roles, Work Cycle and Activities in your Organization.
Aligning Skills, Training and Recruiting for Improved Performance and Retention
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