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VerityView™ is the first approach to improve productivity, effectiveness and results by aligning work styles to your organizations specific activities and processes. Organizations constantly deal with departmental conflicts, project delays, inefficient processes and customer service issues. In most cases these issues result from a miss-alignment of the right resources, the right activities or the right place and time in the work cycle or job role definition.

Immediate performance improvement and cost reduction opportunities are identified and resolved by quickly assessing the work style, activity costs and alignment at individual and team levels. Traditional “Behavioral or Organizational Development” tools and other productivity solutions fail to make a link between your company’s changing work activities, individuals and teams. More importantly, those methods are slow, expensive, and lack a pragmatic way for your management to apply the results, or measure ongoing improvement.

Our success stories, sample reports and white paper overview will provide additional insight as to the benefits of applying this important linkage. You can take our sample assessment and discuss it with one of our professionals.

Our Offer: Allow us to apply VerityView(tm) to any improvement opportunity in your organization and we will demonstrate results.

VerityView™ is based on work behaviors and the individual types that best accomplish those behaviors. Unlike the traditional Personality based tools, WorkStyles™ are based on characteristics that are easily recognizable in work activities. For example, Extroversion and Perception are hard to apply to work activities, but Communication and Relationship development capabilities are directly applicable both to individual behaviors and specific activities. By linking your unique company specific activities to four primary work styles, you can identify an individual’s work style and identify the mismatches they have in their current activities and work role.

For example, if an individual manager (or team) has a SEE-DO work Style (as indicated in the blue quadrangle below, fig.1), and a BE-SEE Role (indicated in the Black oval below in fig.2), they probably have issues with the BE tasks of their job, excel at the SEE actions and over manage their staff on the DO actions (that they crave to do themselves) (fig.3).

Individuals have natural work styles that usually focus on a primary and secondary style area as indicated below:

figure 1

figure 2

In the examples discussed above, the team’s problem activities are in the Be/Decide Tasks in the upper left box of activities below (fig.3). Your companies specific work activities are easily mapped to one of these 4 work styles. This is one of the primary capabilities not available in other Organizational Development tools in the market today. We have mapped activities in multiple areas across many industries. We also have the capability to work with you to quickly add your specific company’s activities to the assessment tool. Below is an example of a mapping of general management activities which we use in our sample assessment (fig.3)

figure 3

When problems occur such as:

- in completing activities productively or in a timely manner
- poor departmental communications or inter-departmental relationships
- systems development and implementation delays
- poor project ROI or
- customer services issues

we find that there is generally a misalignment or gap between the individual work style and the work activity. You can identify these gaps from individual assessments and consolidate them into a “gap analysis”. This allows you to effectively re-align individuals within any group, provide targeted improvement training, and measure the resulting performance improvement.

Predictive capability – you can identify problems before they occur, by assessing new activities, skills and work styles required in any new process, technology or organization, prior to implementation and before problems result from the identified gaps. This increases the success of your projects and allows you to continually improve your operations.

The Skill and Recruiting assessment provides the detail specifications needed to recruit the appropriate individual for a role. All data required for this analysis can be collected in a 20 minute survey!

Our success stories, sample reports and white paper provide additional insight into the results our clients have achieved and how you can apply VerityView™ to your organization. You can also take our sample assessment and discuss it with one of our professionals

For a detailed explanation of the four WorkStyles™, please go to our “Secret Sauce” white paper.

Identifies time and cost of all activities across any selected groupings. Provides a broad range of staff, team and department productivity opportunities and best practices
Identifies Capability Gaps and Re-Alignment Requirements for Improved Team Performance. Work Styles are automatically linked to Job Roles, Work Cycle and Activities in your Organization.
Aligning Skills, Training and Recruiting for Improved Performance and Retention
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