Skill Alignment

Generalized skill and training efforts are costly, ineffective and time consuming. In addition, they never seem to provide a good linkage between training and recruiting. VerityView™ provides your management team the ability to integrate training and recruiting efforts, specify detailed requirements and share a more comprehensive view of your companies needs.
  • Assign the Right Person - identify the right skills in line with the needs of the team
  • Hire the Right People – provide detailed requirements in skill, work style and recent experience
  • Make Training Work – focus specific training on specific skill and activity needs for the right individuals
  • Balance your Teams:
    – Identify critical skill gaps to increase user adoption and effective job performance
    – Identify project team gaps by project phase to improve team staffing and execution
    – Identify process or departmental skill gaps
    – Provide internal feedback for goal setting
Many Training and Recruiting programs fail to link activities, learning styles and the specific skills you are trying to develop or recruit. Most training programs simply don’t have the ability to measure the results of training on the work efficiency. With constantly changing, complex requirements, recruiting efforts can focus on incomplete or outdated requirements that are based on a limited number of technical skills. Improving training and recruiting requires a real time understanding of your organizations current capabilities. Matching the right individual with the needs and dynamics of the team unlocks real performance.

The Skill and Recruiting Assessment links an individual’s activities with the level of skill required and the work style best suited to the required activities. This allows you to target specific training to individuals based on their role and style. Our reports combine individual assessments (with any selected groupings you require: team, process, department, etc.) to identify skill gaps required by an entire group. This information provides a more complete view of requirements for training or recruiting. One report example is provided below.

Our success stories, sample reports and overview will provide additional insights into the benefits of this important capability. You can take our sample assessment and discuss it with one of our professionals.
Identifies time and cost of all activities across any selected groupings. Provides a broad range of staff, team and department productivity opportunities and best practices
Identifies Capability Gaps and Re-Alignment Requirements for Improved Team Performance. Work Styles are automatically linked to Job Roles, Work Cycle and Activities in your Organization.
Aligning Skills, Training and Recruiting for Improved Performance and Retention
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